Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Australia

If you are just about to enter the crypto universe, then figuring out which exchange is legitimate and which is a scam would be a tough decision.

In Australia, cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular. In 2021, the Bitcoin price was at an all-time high of AUD 96,550 on the Australian cryptocurrency exchanges.

This showed the rising importance of cryptocurrencies in the Australian market. However, the first thing to consider in this regard is the best crypto exchanges. The article has pointed out some of them below.


Binance is a feature-rich exchange offering a vast range of cryptocurrencies. You can initially build your portfolio with around 300 coins to buy with AUD.

With around 28.6 million registered users, it offers a broad range of earning opportunities related to stake or saving accounts. Further, it offers advanced trading options to experienced traders. logo

This one would be an ideal choice for all beginners. In addition, encourages online trading by providing a user-friendly app to buy, sell and hold up to 200 cryptocurrencies.

You can download the app and link it with your credit card or bank account to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies.

The online exchange is user-friendly and allows you to adjust your price while buying or selling cryptocurrency, especially on the spot. Hence, if you’re also interested in trading crypto regularly, this would be an efficient way to get started.

Digital Surge

Digital Surge Logo

It was founded in 2017 and is a trusted option. Beginners can use this easily without any complications. The verification process is also simplified, and one can get started quickly. The platform highly supports its customer support and offers excellent trading options.


Kraken logo

Kraken offers sophisticated trading options for all Australians. Users can access a range of order types, like stop-loss markets. In addition to cryptocurrency, it also provides forex for currency traders.

You might be an inexperienced or a pro user, but you can quickly access this crypto market in Australia.


Swyftx Logo

Because of its simple interface and minimal fees, this exchange is among the top options for Australians.

The annual percentage yields on Swyftx are highly competitive, with so many coins earning over 10% APY. Moreover, there are no fees for using Earn on Swyftx, as all the rewards are paid out daily.


Coinbase logo

CoinBase is considered an online platform that is secure and safe. You can buy, sell or transfer your cryptocurrency efficiently. You can securely connect and begin trading crypto via your account. It will block suspicious accounts to ensure the user’s safety.


Coinspot logo

This exchange is combined with, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. With more than 20 NFT collections, this exchange is preferable to all traders.

Most of the NFT platforms need customers to pay in the form of Ethereum. This can initiate crippling networks or gas fees. CoinSpot helps account holders choose NFTs with any cryptocurrency in their wallet.

Follow Up

The platforms mentioned above are some of the best crypto exchanges. Only some crypto exchanges can be considered equal. Also, only some buyers or sellers have the exact needs. Therefore, it is essential to do prior research and choose the exchange that best fits your trading needs. Look for a platform that meets your requirements and get started with crypto trading.

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