Popular Crypto YouTuber to Start a TV Show That Would be Funded Only in Bitcoins

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Jason Appleton, a popular YouTuber, is hosting a cryptocurrency show funded entirely by Bitcoins on CBS, CW and Roku networks.

A popular YouTuber has decided to take the plunge into the world of cryptocurrencies on a whole new level, confirming that he will start a television show. The show will receive funds only in Bitcoins, and this is expected to continually introduce the currency into the mainstream user base.

Bitcoins were often prejudiced as digital currency used only by people in the dark web and to buy illegal goods or drugs. The scenario, however, is changing and conventional businesses are slowly adopting it.

The announcement made by YouTuber Jason Appleton seems to have set the right tone for the cryptocurrency.

A New Show Named Crypto Crow

Crypto Crow may sound familiar for YouTubers as it is the pseudonym Appleton uses in his YouTube channel. He has announced that a new show that goes by the same name as his channel, Crypto Crow, will soon air on popular networks including CBS, CW and Roku. The show is expected to reach as many as 47 million households because of the wide network coverage of CBS and Roku.

The upcoming series will be fully funded using Bitcoins and will air a total of 13 episodes. While the creator has plans to expand the show to various regions and possibly increase the number of episodes, they will test the waters first.

Based on the patronage he receives from viewers, the show will be expanded on a national scale. An agreement to broadcast the show all over the United States has already been signed with the CBS Television Network.

The unique selling point of this show is that it is fully funded using the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and if proven successful, other television show producers and creators might join the lot.

Funded by Bitcoins

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A popular YouTuber has decided to take the plunge into the world of cryptocurrencies on a whole new level, confirming that he will start a television show.

In an official statement, the YouTuber clarified that everything—including sponsors and features paid for the television show—is being transacted using Bitcoins.

Governments in different nations are still looking for ways to regulate this digital currency and bring it under central control. While it might take time to find how it evolves in the long run, adoption of Bitcoins is definitely on the rise and is expected to be more prevalent with ventures like this one.

A Show Dedicated to Educating People on Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Crow will be an informative television show which will introduce the general public and curious Bitcoin investors on various aspects of the booming market.

The show creators claimed that they have carefully created every episode to give viewers an overview of the cryptocurrency market, investing tips, staying secure against some ICO scams, crypto market predictions and deciding whether to go with mining or investing to acquire cryptocurrencies.

As part of the test phase, the show will air only in select cities including Atlanta, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh. The first episode will air on June 25.

Appleton witnessed huge support from his audience for Crypto Show and is expected to recreate his success in television. The show may also serve as a gateway for viewers looking to know more about the enigmatic world of digital currency.

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