Microsoft Working on Adding Bitcoin Support to Excel

The leading tech giant Microsoft has announced that it is working on integrating Bitcoin support to its Excel application.

Microsoft is one of the leading technology and software developers in the world. In the most recent developments, the tech giant has announced its intention to incorporate the most promising digital cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, to its Excel program.

The Excel application will be used by both desktops and mobile users. The Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that gained popularity in the corporate sector.

Microsoft is one of the leading tech corporations in the world. Its intention to work on adding Bitcoin support to its Excel app is the most promising partnership of the year.

This is likely to be a win-win situation for both entities. Microsoft Excel is the most widely used Microsoft spreadsheet, while Bitcoin is the most used digital cryptocurrency in the market today.

Martin Butler, Accountant Executive at Microsoft Corporation, confirmed the support for the Bitcoin digital cryptocurrency on Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft takes this Bitcoin support for its Excel application that would apply not only on desktops but also, the Bitcoin supported Microsoft Excel format will also be available for mobile phones using the Android, iOS and even Windows 10.

The recent announcement that Microsoft Corporation is working on adding the Bitcoin support to its Microsoft Excel application for both desktop and mobile users is not the first commitment.

Microsoft Corporation has in the past showed and pledged commitment to the digital cryptocurrency.

This was not the first endeavor into the world of digital cryptocurrency.

Microsoft has promised its commitment to Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency in general.

Microsoft Corporation is working on adding the Bitcoin support to its Microsoft Excel application for both desktop and mobile users.

The announcement that Microsoft Corporation was planning to take on the Bitcoin support in its Excel programs was first revealed in the month of April 2016.

This was said to be part of a much bigger announcement that was yet to be made later in the year by Microsoft Corporation.

However, Bitcoin support on Excel has taken longer than anticipated. It should hopefully be completed over the next few months.

It was said that Microsoft wanted Bitcoin support in Excel to support eight decimal places instead of the usual two in addition to BTC and XBT currency format.

This would make it much easier for to compile data using Microsoft Excel.

It would now be virtually possible to use Microsoft’s Excel program to calculate, track, and even conduct analysis on Bitcoin data using nothing but native Bitcoin number formatting options.

The Bitcoin-enabled Microsoft Excel application will be first installed and used by office insiders before the general public. This will largely be dependent on the feedback.

In conclusion, 2017 is looking up for both Microsoft Corporation and the Bitcoin digital cryptocurrency.

This is because the Bitcoin is the fastest growing cryptocurrency. Its combined support with Microsoft on Microsoft Excel application will consequently be a major economic boost for both entities.

The gain on the Bitcoin will most likely attract investors who are watching on the sideline as the bitcoin cryptocurrency increases in value.

Even though the Bitcoin support came later than was anticipated since its first announcement in April 2016, Bitcoin users hope that it was worth the wait.

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