Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Back, Writing a Book

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A new website,, claims that the creator of Bitcoin is back and is writing a book on its history.

Among the many mysterious things associated with Bitcoin is its founder himself. The cryptocurrency’s creation is attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious figure only known by name.

While an Australian national named Craig White was believed to be the one who created Bitcoin, some even questioned (and still question) if Satoshi Nakamoto existed.

The issue might have lost its relevance with Bitcoin having traveled a long way from when it was first traded, but it is now rumored that Nakamoto is not only back but is planning to write a book on the history of the most traded digital currency.

Claims Surface About Bitcoin Founder

Business news outlet Bloomberg was the one to inform the public at large that the supposed original creator of Bitcoin is penning a book and it should hit the shelves soon.

They might have released this news based on the information found on a new website that carries some details.

This website claims that Nakamoto is back and offers some details on the proposed literary work on the evolution of Bitcoin. Most reports on this development are still unconfirmed and many people out there are questioning the very authenticity of this website even.

An Excerpt Posted on the Site Is Contentious Too

The website doesn’t just stop at mentioning that a book is being written but has posted a 21-page excerpt of the intended literary work.

However, the naysayers are not convinced by this, as they find many differences between the tone and style of language used by the person on the website as compared to the Bitcoin whitepaper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” written by Nakamoto when the currency was first created.

To add spice to this discussion, there is a cryptogram included in the excerpts that claims to reveal the details of the book’s title.

Some have deciphered that the word “tatamae” appears to be the solution to the riddle within the puzzle, and when explained from Japanese to English, it roughly conveys the existence of a conflict between a person’s inner feelings and the real persona they display to the outer world.

Many people having deep interest on the subject are still working to find out how much the website, its contents and the basic claim of a Satoshi Nakamoto existing and his reappearance can all be trusted. The jury is still out on that one.

Many Bogus Claims in the Past

The skeptics cannot be faulted for their refusal to believe any of these claims about Nakamoto, for the simple reason that they have seen these before.

Though not in terms of a dedicated website or claim of a book being written, there have been a number of people claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto without ever furnishing any proof of such claims.

Some Revelation About the Origins

Golden Bitcoins. New virtual money.

Among the many mysterious things associated with Bitcoin is its founder himself.

In the 21-page document posted on the website, the author talks about Satoshi Nakamoto’s childhood and how as a 14-year-old, he had become part of the cypherpunk movement, which emphasized the importance of anonymity.

But the further claim that Satoshi Nakamoto is not a real name and that the real name will never be known will again take the story back to where it started—its credibility.

Any individual who gains so much popularity as the creator of a currency that has shaken the financial world and is threatening many of the established norms in trade and finance, would not remain so confidential.

People are even asking if he has done any trading on the currency himself.

The fact remains, though, that whether Satoshi Nakamoto is real or not or whether he writes a book or not are not going to make much difference to the cryptocurrency in terms of its traded price or the race to acquire as much of the coins as possible.

Remaining on top of the newsroom debates might just add a bit of excitement to those who are involved with Bitcoin in a big way.

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