CryptoChips: A New Mobile App That Lets Gamers Earn Bitcoin

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A Japanese tech company has announced a new program for its battle game—those who reach certain objectives in the game will be rewarded in Bitcoin.

This technology was bound to come sooner or later: cryptocurrencies being used to reward video game players.

The app, called CryptoChips, will roll out in August integrated with Whimsical War, a battle for territory game. Players’ rewards in the game will be in terms of Bitcoins.

The Battle Game and the Mobile App

The CryptoChips app will be deployed in the Google Play Store on Android devices and on the Apple Store for iOS devices. It is being developed by Tokyo-based GMO Internet Group, which is also the owner of Whimsical War.

There are many such games you can download and play. Most such games have rewards as the gamer completes a level successfully, either by adding more chances or life.

Almost all games have this policy of rewarding their regular players with points, which they can exchange for game boosters or for other purposes. In this case, come August the rewards will be in the form of Bitcoins.

Play, Win and Create a Wallet Account

Players signing up for this cryptocurrency reward program should have a cryptocurrency wallet account where the Bitcoins won in the game will be transferred to.

To start with, GMO will stick with Bitcoin though introducing other currencies later cannot be ruled out.

If you were wondering where the Bitcoins would come from, cryptocurrency mining is already an activity engaged in by GMO, starting in late-2017. Simultaneously, this August, they plan rolling out the GMO cloud mining service as well.

GMO Wants to Educate the Public

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This technology was bound to come sooner or later: cryptocurrencies being used to reward video game players.

The Japanese company has put out a statement that their overall intention in introducing this unique reward system within a video game for achieving certain missions or reaching certain levels with Bitcoins is to make more people interested in their game and learn more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The same CryptoChips concept will be repeated on other games being developed by GMO as well. It is hoping that while people desirous of earning Bitcoins will play their Whimsical War game, its popularity will surge and it may build other revenue streams to make good the cost of currency rewards in the game.

The Japanese company also recently announced that it has come up with a specially made chip to be used in the mining of Bitcoins. The chip will be available from October this year.

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