Investors Offer to Buy Fresh Bitcoin in Bulk from Miners

Some investors are offering mining companies to buy mined Bitcoins in bulk.

The increasing Bitcoin price has attracted the attention of many people who are interested in the digital currency.

As the market points to a rise in the prices of digital currency, it has prompted investors to look into more ways to purchase Bitcoins from different sources.

Some investors have chosen to offer miners to purchase the cryptocurrency rather than having to go through the normal channels such as Bitcoin exchanges.

Among the many Bitcoin mining companies that have received such requests is Bitfury.

The company’s Vice Chairman George Kikvadze made it public on his Twitter account earlier that Bitfury had noted an increase in the number of investor requests to purchase Bitcoin from the company.

In a tweet last December, George stated, “Last 24hrs couple of $10bln+ AUM Funds calling to buy 30k-50k bitcoins… We were not selling then/not selling now.”

The AUM (Assets Under Management) funds and some investors have been more positive about the potential future that Bitcoin holds.

As a result, they have approached and offered Bitfury and some other mining companies to purchase Bitcoin in bulk at a much lower price than the open market.

Even though they may have been fortunate with some mining companies and pools, Bitfury has declined their offer to purchase its cryptocurrency in bulk.

Interest among investment houses and mainstream businesses in Bitcoin.

The company has rejected the investors’ offer to buy fresh Bitcoin in bulk from them as noted by its vice chairman.

Because freshly minted cryptocoins from miners are more valuable compared to the ones that are already in circulation, it is one of the main reasons why investors have directly approached Bitcoin miners.

The newly minted Bitcoin that is in the hands of miners is of more value than the one that has already been accessed and being used by people.

There will be no history of transaction linked with the rewards that Bitcoin miners received, and there would be some individuals who would not hesitate to pay Bitcoins at a premium price.

Another reason is that investment companies will typically require a large number of Bitcoins; hence, it is not very possible for them to rely on the cryptocurrency exichanges for procurement.

Many cryptocoin platforms feature limit which people can sell, buy or trade the cryptocurrency. As such, investors can only hope that miners such as Bitfury will loosen up and finally agree to sell the cryptocurrency to them.

Lastly, the continued rise in demand for the cryptocurrency is also a pointer of the growing interest among investment houses and mainstream businesses in Bitcoin.

This increased demand is expected to continue rising, and investors cannot stop contemplating on the positive impact this would generate for them in the next 5 or 10 years.

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