BTCC Launches Mobi for Android and iOS

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Bitcoin startup BTCC has launched Mobi, a multicurrency mobile wallet app for Android and iOS devices with the aim of making bitcoin mainstream.

BTCC, a Chinese bitcoin startup company, has launched their Mobi payment application for Android and iOS on the March 20th.

The app was initially revealed at the Money2020 industry conference held in Las Vegas.

BTCC had announced that the app would be useful in the global market, as it supported various currencies as well as access to linked Visa debit cards.

Easy Access

According to a statement by BTCC CEO Bobby Lee, the product offers an easily accessible payment application.

Mobi is a bitcoin wallet that allows users to send money to another user’s mobile phone.

As long as the individual owns their number, he or she can access the currency in the wallet without the need for any email, password, username, or other authentication features.

Killer App

Mobi is similar to its predecessor app, ChangeTip, and it offers support for making payments to a Twitter account.

However, BTCC states that the bitcoin app is different from ChangeTip due to it being targeted at making larger transactions as opposed to just tips.

BTCC claims that the Mobi app will work towards making bitcoin mainstream, being available for accounts with mobile numbers and payments towards Twitter in an easy to use interface.

The app will be capable of supporting numerous currencies and Visa debit cards, making it a very powerful application.

Truly Global

In addition, the Mobi app happens to be the only application that offers support for instant conversion and storage as well as transfer of a hundred different currencies.

Hence, it is a mobile bitcoin wallet app that can be used globally, being superior to WeChat or AliPay, as these only support the CNY currency, limiting its usage predominantly to China.

Thus, with Mobi, users can send currencies of any form to any individual, anywhere in the world.

There is no friction in the transfer of money, making it a borderless application (provided that your currency is supported).

It offers a conversion of over 150 global currencies, such as the US Dollar, the Euro, British Poud, and even gold and silver.

Of course, this is in addition to bitcoin.

Instantaneous Transfer

The bitcoin wallet makes use of distributed ledgers enabling an instantaneous transfer of the money, allowing the user to send funds through their phones or through their Twitter accounts.

There is no need of documenting or maintaining any complex digital wallet address, as is required by traditional bitcoin wallets.

Virtual Wallet With Bitcoins And Shopping Cart On Printed Circuit Board.

bitcoin wallet allows the user to send funds through their phones

The Mobi wallet offers support for virtual transfer of money using the bitcoin blockchain.

Visa debit cards are linked to the user’s Mobi account, so the user can withdraw money from ATMs all over the world, with more than 2 million ATMs being supported.

The money from the Mobi wallet can be spent at stores accepting Visa cards and the debit card takes the money from the wallet balance in the user’s account after a conversion.

Bitcoin Awareness

Mobi is a bitcoin wallet application that will increase the awareness of bitcoin and can be adopted globally.

It is available in fifteen languages, including English, German, and Japanese as well as Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and a few others.

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