Singer Akon Is Launching a New Cryptocurrency ‘Akoin’

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Global music sensation Akon is on track to launch a new cryptocurrency known as AKoin, which is set to serve as Akon Crypto City’s official currency.

Grammy Award-winning artist and pop singer Akon is the latest to join the elite list of celebrities who have ventured into the digital currency realm. Akon is set to launch an exclusive cryptocurrency known as AKoin.

The artist, who is known for a collection of global hits, has in the recent past shifted his attention primarily from music to humanitarian acts as well as giving back to the African society.

And now, this new project, AKoin, is the latest in this initiative.

Akon announced his plans of launching the digital coin at the 2018 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Despite sharing very little public details so far, such as the launch process and launch date, Akon did outline that he hopes that this project can effectively promote one of his other upcoming projects: the Akon Crypto City.

Akon Crypto City is ideally an utterly crypto-based city in the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal in Africa. Akon has not been one to shy about his beliefs of what crypto and blockchain could mean for the African continent.

He is a firm believer that both crypto and blockchain could be Africa’s savior in numerous ways mainly since they restore the power back to the native citizens.

He outlined that these tools regain security into the present system, permit the individuals to use it in ways that help them advance themselves and forbid the governments from restricting economic freedom.

The 2,000-Acre Crypto City

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Grammy Award-winning artist and pop singer Akon is the latest to join the elite list of celebrities who have ventured into the digital currency realm.

The Akon Crypto City is due for establishment on a 2,000-acre piece of land which has already been reserved by Macky Sall, the president of Senegal. Akon is himself of Senegalese origin.

As per the official AKoin website, this crypto city will be a “real-time Wakanda” (Wakanda referring to the fictional country as in the Black Panther comics and blockbuster movie).

This city is due to include numerous features as is standard with any other ordinary city. This includes featuring residential buildings, parks, retail stores, schools and medical centers, among others.

And while Akon is envisioning an independent city fueled by the currency, AKoin, he is happy to allow others to chip in and work out the logistics and precise details.

This is evident in his response to a question where he was asked how he saw the digital currency helping drive the normal operation of the city. In his response, he stated that his primary role is to come up with the concepts and then present it to the “geeks” to implement.

Previously, Akon had also launched Akon Lighting Africa. The primary objective of the Akon Lighting Africa project, which was established a few years ago, is to solve electricity shortage concerns across the entire African continent. He suggested that his primary focus is to give back to the society.

Akon further advised that people should start out their careers with that which they are great at, as opposed to what they are looking to do. According to him, the secret is to grow your career and then later chase after your passion.

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