Bitcoin News: South Korea Bitcoin Exchange Hacked

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Hackers have broken into the largest Bitcoin Exchange in South Korea, breaching the names, mobile numbers and email addresses of its customers.

Bithumb, one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges located in South Korea, has been hacked.

Data from more than 30,000 customers has been compromised by the latest attack.

South Korea is among the top Bitcoin trading countries of the world.

The Internet Security agency is conducting an investigation into the matter, as many customers have claimed that they lost their money.

The KISA, Korea Internet and Security Agency, is probing the matter and will offer results within a few days, according to Bitcoin news given to Business Korea by a KISA official.

Computers Compromised

Bithumb is one of the busiest Bitcoin exchanges ever to exist.

Going by the volume of cryptocurrency trade daily, Bithumb is also one of the largest exchanges in the world.

Yonhap News states that Bithumb said users’ passwords had not been stolen.

And the latest Bitcoin news is that Bithumb later acknowledged that the computer of one of its employees had been compromised, but the core servers remained intact.

The employee’s computer was hacked and some private information, such as phone numbers and email addresses of some users, had also been compromised.

Some customers lost their money, as they had used disposable passwords in online financial transactions.

According to the latest Bitcoin news, the hack was due to external infringements and is not connected to the internal network of Bithumb, its servers or its virtual wallet.

The entire original, as well as members’virtual currency deposits, are safe, according to a statement given by Bithumb.

Phishing Complaints

According to Bitcoin news outlets, a few Bithumb customers stated that there were voice phishing attacks.

The hackers called them up and claimed that they were working for Bithumb. They conducted a hack and stole their funds, according to Bitcoin news source BraveNewCoin.

The hackers asked the customers for the codes from their Google Authenticator account, in order to withdraw the Bitcoins from the victims’ accounts.

Compensation Promised

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Some Customers reported that the hackers called claimed that they were working for Bithumb.

After the hack, the South Korean Bitcoin exchange promised users they would be compensated.

Bitcoin news sites state that Bithumb has agreed to compensation of around 100,000 won or $86 for the customers who’ve experienced breach of data.

Additionally, it would offer reimbursement to customers who experienced financial losses due to the hack, though no specifics regarding customer funds were mentioned.

Interest in Cryptocurrency

The latest Bitcoin news about the hack of Bitcoin exchange, Bithumb, shows criminals are getting more interested in cryptocurrencies.

There also has been an increase of interest among individuals and investors in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, with prices surging to all-time highs.

According to the latest Bitcoin news and pricing updates, the value of Bitcoin is currently around $2,400 for a single Bitcoin.

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