Travel Agency Accepts Bitcoin Payments for Package Holidays

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Bitcoin Adventures is accepting exclusive payments with cryptocurrency for customized tour packages, promoting a Bitcoins payments option.

A new travel agency based in Gozo, Malta has decided to accept payments in Bitcoin for its package holiday. So far, the move seems to have been a successful one as the agency has already received a few tourists through the promotional payments offer.

Bitcoin Adventures is a new travel agency that is dedicated to customizing holiday trips for tourists using Bitcoins.

Malta has always supported cryptocurrencies, as one of the few countries in Europe that is Bitcoin-friendly.

Promoting Bitcoin Tourism

Leon Siegmund, the co-founder of the Gozo travel agency, says that they will aim at promoting Bitcoin as a payment method because the cryptocurrency offers a better way to make financial transactions.

It does not need any centralized bank or any transactions fees.

This form of payment only requires two people, the sender and the receiver, along with a smartphone.

The travel agency now allows people to book adventurous holidays in Gozo, making payments using Bitcoin.

The Agency Behind the Idea

Bitcoin Adventures is the new travel agency created by Ivaja, a crowdfunded Bitcoin startup.

The venture’s goal is to attract tourists who are ready to make payments with the cryptocurrency in return for an adventurous and customized trip.

First Tourists

A Japanese man working in a Tokyo financial company along with his wife is one of the first tourists to book a holiday paying with Bitcoins.

He recalled he wasn’t interested in a Malta holiday after seeing some pictures of street cats. However, he and his wife still decided to book a three-night stay in Gozo through the Bitcoin Adventures travel agency.

He preferred to take a kayaking trip in Gozo and pay for it in Bitcoins through Bitcoin Adventures, rather than opting for a traditional travel agency.

Though this is his first travel excursion paid through Bitcoins, he says that it will surely not be his last one. If he can make more trips using Bitcoins, he has every intention of doing so.

The Bitcoin Craze

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Retail stores accept Bitcoin as payment method

Bitcoin seems to be increasing in popularity in Japan.

There are many retail stores that are ready to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Malta has also been supporting the cryptocurrency, and it might soon become the hub of Bitcoin usage.

Even you can now book your holiday in Gozo with Bitcoin Adventures, paying exclusively with the cryptocurrency. Usage of Bitcoin has now become mainstream and is being widely adopted on a global scale.

Getting Started

If you want to make payments with the cryptocurrency, you will first need a Bitcoin wallet, which is similar to a bank account. You can store and receive Bitcoins, as well as make payments through this wallet.

You can choose to have your Bitcoin wallet on both desktop and mobile platforms.

You can also open a web wallet, enabled by Blockchain. You can access this through your mobile phone or through your computer.

The process of making payments with Bitcoins is very simple. You can buy the Bitcoins through bank transfers or by using your credit card.

There are trading platforms that offer services like buying and selling Bitcoins, in addition to several online and offline wallets for storing Bitcoins.

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