Bitcoin News: Moderator of /r/BTC Quits

Bitcoin moderator “SouperNerd” Steps Down.

SouperNerd, a moderator for the Bitcoin subreddit /r/BTC, has stepped down, leaving the Bitcoin community more divided than ever.

Among the diehard supporters of the Bitcoin Core developers and those who prefer to see things done a little differently, a little love is lost.

Subreddits was created from the need of the two different sectors to hold discussions in which they could reach cooperative conclusions and/or collaborate to create ideas that would benefit both of them at the same time.

Despite the good intentions of those behind the subreddits, things eventually went differently as expected when people with different opinions come to find a middle-ground.

“SouperNerd” Steps Down

The /r/BTC subreddit was created with such progressive intentions.

As Bitcoin news tells it, the subreddit had the simple objective of providing a platform where these two bitcoin groups could exchange ideas, voice their opinions and contribute to a generally beneficial solution for everyone.

However, the clash of views that was originally supposed to fuel cooperative innovation has become the very thing that would lead to the end of the /r/BTC, according to Bitcoin news.

This comes after one of the moderators of the collapsing subreddit, SouperNerd, has apparently called it quits.

According to Bitcoin news, this shows just how intense things can get on subreddits such as /r/BTC.

The subreddit received an entry of large numbers of people after they apparently got tired of the /r/Bitcoin subreddit, whose moderators were quick to stop some controversial discussions that started by way of hidden restriction.

One of the subreddit’s (/r/Bitcoin) moderators, Theymos, was apparently keeping things too tight, according to Bitcoin news.

Trolls Ramp Up Tense Environments

Far from having a different atmosphere, things in /r/Bitcoin subreddit were not different at all.

Trolls have always been an issue on the internet, as Bitcoin news explains, and the Bitcoin community needs to deal with more than a few cases.

However, it does little to reduce the highly tense environment where verbal exchanges and selfish expression of opinions are often prioritized over objective reasoning that helps people to reach friendly decisions.

Being a Moderator is Not the Easiest Job

According to Bitcoin news, SouperNerd does not have the easiest of times as a moderator for the bitcoin subreddit.

They are also finding a common ground that would do the world of good for the digital currency, which is not something that is likely to happen anytime soon because it is not in a very stable place.

As Bitcoin news sees it, the part that characterizes the bitcoin community was predictable at some point, although not much can be said about whether the situation takes any real threat to stability.

Bitcoin Community’s Ever-Growing Divide



Moderator steps down as bitcoin community remains more divided than ever

SouperNerd’s resignation as one of the /r/BTC’s moderator goes to show that subreddits possibly cause more harm than good as they create a bigger divide between the already unsettled Bitcoin community.


The good intentions of these subreddits cannot be criticized, however,subreddits would be the ideal place to exchange ideas,but it is not for others who are causing the divide.

For moderators, weeding them out is not the easiest task and it often gets frustrating very quickly as such cases have a repeated nature.

As things stand, the digital currency Bitcoin is on the edge of danger and the ever-growing divide in its community is pushing it over the edge.

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