What Is Bitcoin Mixer BestMixer.io?

bitcoin, ethereum and euro coin mix on circuit.

With BestMixer.io, it is easier to mix Bitcoins in different pools, pay a fee and enjoy anonymity by swapping cryptocurrency with other users.

Before understanding what Bitcoin mixer BestMixer.io is and how it works, you should know how Bitcoins work and the necessity to avail a mixer service in the first place.

The Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger which keeps track of all the digital money transacted by users. Anyone can have access to go through the entire database.

When everyone has access to the total sum of Bitcoins that you own, they can easily choose to keep track of your money and know wherever you go to spend it. It is an anonymous service but does have this practical issue, which is what a mixer aims to solve.

Crowd Mixing Bitcoins to Secure Anonymity

The process of tumbling or mixing Bitcoins will ensure that advanced tracking technology cannot be used to track your coins and come after you for spending them in certain places. Instead of tumbling Bitcoins from the same sources, more than a thousand people and their wallet addresses will be mixed together.

Once the process is complete, you can take the exact amount that you invested but it will be another person’s Bitcoin, and this provides you complete anonymity as no one can trace its source.

How Does the Service Work?

BestMixer.io, or any other mixing service for that matter, will expect you to pay a small fee for completing the tumbling or mixing process successfully. The amount you pay will vary based on the number of Bitcoins provided, the times they mixed it and any other additional features that you might expect them to provide, such as increased anonymity.

BestMixer.io: A New Approach to the Traditional Mixing Process

When you land in the official webpage of BestMixer.io, you will probably notice that they have a simple user interface that is easy to understand and start off. The service includes all types of popular coins available in the market and is an excellent choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wish to ensure they stay anonymous at all times. It includes some of the most popular currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. New ones are being added based on their popularity, as well.

Compared to many conventional mixing services available in the market, there are some differences to what this particular service provider offers. It doesn’t simply mix tokens but rather uses a more advanced artificial intelligence system. It ensures that when mixing or tumbling is done multiple times, it eradicates the chances of getting back your old coins again out of probability. Despite multiple mixing attempts, you will always receive fully new tokens from other users to ensure your anonymity.

Electronic security concept. Data security. VPN

When SSL and Tor are used together, it is next to impossible even for the most advanced tracker to identify a currency during mixing and tracking it outside.

What Are the Different Pools Offered?

BestMixer.io offers three different pools—the Alpha Pool, Beta Pool and the Gamma Pool.

Out of the three, the Alpha is the lowest and the entry-level solution. The service fee is the lowest here at 1.0000%, and you can easily adjust the slider which will increase the fee and the quality of mixing.

The Beta pool has a minimum fee of 2.0000% and it can go all the way up to the Gamma pool that charges up to 5.0000%, which is preferred by people who prefer a strong mixing strength meter. It is used by users who don’t mind about paying more to get the best mixing to ensure the highest level of anonymity and may also have lots of crypto funds to be used in the near future.

Making Use of Tor & SSL Technologies for Tumbling

An efficient usage of Tor can ensure complete anonymity as it has been identified as one of the best ways to access the dark web and bypass geolocation-based content blocks. BextMixer.io makes use of all the anonymous tools available for reliable encryption that starts at an early stage and is carried out until the very end when all your money is delivered to you in your preferred cryptocurrency.

When SSL and Tor are used together, it is next to impossible even for the most advanced tracker to identify a currency during mixing and tracking it outside. The app is popular among users worldwide as it supports a long list of languages, allowing people to utilize it across the world.

Minimum Requirements to Make Use of Mixing Offered by BestMixer

In order to keep things profitable, the company has some specific requirements. Irrespective of the type of coin you use, a minimum of 0.001 Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other currency is required to join the mixing process.

With support for over 11 languages, multiple pool options to choose from and an intuitive UI on the website which works on different devices, BestMixer.io is a reliable and useful service that cryptocurrency users can use for their mixing needs.

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